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Oulu University Teacher Training School offers a variety of courses to support your professional development. Our high-quality set of courses in Leadership and Management in Education are a perfect career boost for anyone working in or aiming to pursue a career in the leadership and management positions in education.

The research-based courses are designed by the top-quality education experts from the University of Oulu, Finland.
The course instructors are highly trained and experienced experts from Finland and other countries.

The courses offer you a solid understanding of the most accurate and significant topics in education leadership and management today. The pedagogical approach is engaging, meaningful and relevant to your career.

Courses will provide you an opportunity to develop your professional competence and advance in the highly competitive labour market.

Experience the comfort of online learning, studying at your own pace, time and location.
Ensure your career growth with the state-of-the-art courses, tailored for education management and leaders.

Target group
The research-based courses are targeted to anyone working in or aiming to pursue a career in the leadership and management positions in education.

The online courses are divided into three themes. You can choose the courses according to your need. It is possible to develop your professional competence in as many courses as you like. You can study only one of the courses, all of them or anything in between.
Each self-paced course of 40 study hours must be completed in two months.

The content is based on one of the world’s leading education systems from Finland.
The international Leadership and Management Courses in Education have a topical, modern content, which combines the significant theoretical knowledge to real-life situations and active learning methods.

Courses contain short video lectures, assignments and topic-related development tasks relevant to your professional development.

There are nine online courses available, which can be completed alongside full-time work.
You can choose from one to nine online courses of your own choice and interest. Each course includes opportunities for individual and group tutoring to meet your needs with real-time interaction.

The courses are divided into three themes:

Theme 1:
Leadership in the 21st century, covers topics such as research-based fundamentals of Leadership and Management, Organisational Management and Leadership, Pedagogical Leadership, Philosophy and Ethics in Leadership, and the Power of Positive Leadership.

Theme 2:
Successful Leadership in Education contains courses Tools for a Successful Leader, Quality Management, and Management by Development and Change.

Theme 3:
Educational Management and Administration goes deeper into the significant issues in Leadership and Management with courses of the 21st Century Learning; Curriculum Design and Implementation, Well-being, Competences and Inclusive Working Culture.

In a Personal Development Project, you produce an individual project, a topical issue regarding your own work and career, using the theoretical and practical knowledge learnt during a course. A Personal Development Project is included into some courses only.

There are possibilities to collaborate with other colleagues on our courses. You work collaboratively in small teams with an assignment on a real-life challenge, significant in your future work during some courses.

Entry Requirements
1.Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent degree
2.Good command of written and spoken English
3.Work experience from the field of education is an advantage
4.Laptop or a PC to work with and a good internet connection

How to apply?
Please, see our website www.oulu.fi/tts for detailed information on the application process. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Diploma Requirements
After a successful completion of a Course, participants are awarded a Certificate from the University of Oulu, Finland. After a successful completion of all courses, participants are awarded a Diploma.

The Leadership and Management Courses in Education are qualified as in-service training and do not provide a degree or a formal qualification.

1.Gain a wider perspective of education leadership and management from high-quality courses through the experienced experts.
2.Learn new theoretical approaches and practical competence through top-class lectures, workshops and professional materials to be combined with your own work context.
3.Acquire internationally relevant knowledge and skills in educational leadership and management.
4.Network with colleagues and get inspired by new ideas and practices.
5.Enhance your performance and position in the increasing competition.
6.Receive a Certificate accredited by the University of Oulu, Finland.

Tuition fee
Please, contact us for further negotiations of the tuition fee.
We provide offers for groups and institutions.
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