A Brand New Product for parents to do science experiments with 3-8-year-olds at home!

Project Type :Digital education content


Owned by :Kide Science

Language: Simplified Chinese、English、Finnish 、Traditional Chinese

An innovative home education approach that parents can use
to introduce science to their children while having quality parent-child time - and help thrive in their science literacy.

In our home lessons, children hear engaging stories and join science adventure with our lovely characters to magical Supraland‭, ‬where they discover and inquire about scientific problems together with the guide of adults.  Children not only develop scientific thinking but also practise science process skills which build a solid foundation towards science.

Make a positive effect on early science education even at home.
Parents play an important role in the development of a child’s future attitude, motivation and interest in science. With Kide pedagogy, parents create positive atmosphere around scientific contexts for children at home.

Research-based pedagogy
The learning philosophy behind our product for family education is the unique Kide pedagogical approach which is based on research conducted by our founder PhD
Jenni Vartiainen at the University of Helsinki‭, ‬Finland‭. ‬
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